Um guys – I think I “cracked” Doom Eternal? [Serious]

Tl;dr: Bethesda included a DRM-free .exe in the version. For all we know they could be trolling us and the game is unbeatable with that executable.

Long version:

I won’t be uploading anything since I obviously don’t know if any of the installation files are watermarked with my account info, but I –seem– to have discovered a technique to “crack” Doom Eternal (more like discovered an apparent Bethesda oversight). More experienced crackers can package this up if this is actually legit.

I have the version, not sure if the installation files are any different for the Steam version.

  1. Acquire unlocked game files (if you bought the game and want to try this you could copy the files to a second computer where you don’t have or Steam installed)
  2. Open the main game folder and you’ll notice the 369 MB denuvo DOOMEternalx64vk.exe. However, under ..Doom Eternaloriginal you’ll find a smaller 67 MB .exe with the same name. Copy this .exe to the main folder and overwrite the denuvo .exe (back it up first if you want)
  3. Launch DOOMEternalx64vk.exe
  4. Create a Bethesda account when it prompts you (this is mandatory apparently, obviously don’t use your real account)
  5. Profit

I was able to start the campaign, no guarantees of stability though (there may very well be checks baked into the game later on that make it crash)

P.S.: If you get an Xinput error, run the DirectX web installer (will most likely happen if you’ve never played any games on your machine)

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