Resident Evil: Outbreak #1 & #2 (All in One)

Resident Evil: Outbreak

The terror of Resident Evil returns and spreads online. Resident Evil Outbreak puts you in the role as one of eight survivors of an outbreak caused by a secret biological weapon. With situations spanning the first three Resident Evil games, the choices you make during the game dictate your abilities and scenarios. Play cooperatively or competitively offline in single-player mode or online with up to four players. But be extra careful–once you die, you join the zombie ranks.

Resident Evil Outbreak File #2

A biological disaster has turned everyone around you into flesh-eating zombies, and now you and seven other survivors must work together to escape the city. In the sequel to Resident Evil: Outbreak, you can discover the truth behind the T-virus outbreak by exploring five new locales, including a zoo, the subway, and the police station. As in its predecessor, Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 features an online cooperative mode for up to four players.


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  • how do u choose which game for (All in one) games like this?

    Posted 3 December, 2018
  • asking for PSN plus, even with hen/mira and plus-reactivate !! how to solve this?

    Posted 15 November, 2018

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