Grandia Xtreme

*Acclaimed combat system returns with even more enhancements, special moves and improved AI system.
*Renowned magic system allows creation of new and stronger spells, each with unique and fantastic effects.
*Intense story immerses player in a world of enchantment and danger.
*Innovative and accessible game design allows both “hard-core” RPG fans and general gamers to truly enjoy playing Grandia Xtreme.
*Fully 3D worlds with puzzles and monsters galore.
*Deep and Intuitive character development system.
*First original Grandia title for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system


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  • Launches into an ELF PS2 Emulator with ads. If you browse around the file system, the game data *MAY* be there, but I’m not sure how to launch it.

    Posted 1 September, 2018

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