Def Jam – Fight for NY

Survive the gritty reality of the urban underworld in Def Jam® FIGHT FOR NY™, the only fighting game featuring five intense fighting styles, hardcore hip hop music, more than 40 hip hop artists and celebrities, and urban venues. Develop your fighting skills, get down with a crew, and battle for control of the underworld.

  • New Fighting Engine – A new fighting engine challenges you to master multiple fighting disciplines, take advantage of interactive environments, and utilize dozens of weapons to make a name for yourself.
  • Three Times the Length of the Original Def Jam VENDETTA – It’s going to take more than 90 fights in 20 venues to win control of the streets.
  • More than 40 Hip Hop Superstars –Look for appearances by Busta Rymes, Carmen Electra, Fat Joe, Flava Flav, Freeway, Ghostface, Ice-T, Joe Budden, Kimora Lee Simmons, Lil’ Kim, Ludacris, Method Man, Redman, Sean Paul, Slick Rick, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, and many more.
  • Hit Hard with a Mix of Fighting Styles – Master each fighting style: street fighting, kickboxing, martial arts, wrestling, and submission. Combine up to three styles to create devastating hybrid-styles, complete with new “blazin’ moves” to finish off your opponent.
  • Anything Goes in 20 Interactive Venues – Interactive means everything from destructible environmental objects to rowdy spectators who hand you bats, bottles, pipes, and more.
  • Create your own Street Fighter – Build your own street-ready fighter and outfit him with thousands of pieces of unlockable licensed gear, tattoos, and even bling from the Jeweler to the stars, Jacob the Jeweler.


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