Danger.Gazers.1.5.2.incl.Next.Stop.DLC.Developer.ShotX (Request)

Hey guys, ShotX here. Some of you might remember me for uploading a torrent of my own game back in January. It got a lot of positive attention and resulted in amazing support for which I’m very thankful and all of which contributed towards major content updates and now a free DLC.

I got an email asking if I would update the torrent version of Danger Gazers with the latest DLC, and if I would continue to do so with my future games. And here it is, as requested the latest final no-DRM version of it, I’ll be taking a small break before I start working on my next project, but I’d be happy to share torrents in the future as well as long as I stay a solo dev.

As a reminder to why I’m doing this – for all the gamers out there who’d like to show support in other ways such as spreading the word, sharing it on social media, forums and whatever it is you can come up with and that is of course in case you do LIKE the game. I’ve also recently decided to create a Patreon page for the supporters on which I’ll be sharing future development progress.

Once again, thanks for showing appreciation and I hope you have fun playing Danger Gazers.

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