[Crack Watch] 2019 Crack Watch Awards

Welcome to our second Crack Watch awards, where we look back on last year’s most upvoted posts in each category and rate our favorite moments. We also look at the most influential crackers this year and we choose who was the best out of them all.

Last year we got positive feedback from the year awards so we will continue this tradition this year and hopefully next year too.

2019 Release Of The Year

We took top 5 most upvoted releases of 2019

1. Metro.Exodus-CPY (5.7k upvotes)

2. Borderlands.3-CODEX (4.5k upvotes)

3. Star.Wars.Jedi.Fallen.Order-CODEX (4.1k upvotes)

4. Resident.Evil.2-CODEX (4k upvotes)

5. Heavy.Rain-CPY (2.2k upvotes)

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Most influential news of 2019 award

A lot of things happened this year, surprisingly. We chose 5 most upvoted news posts in 2019

1. CODEX’s crack for NFS Heat was stolen and leaked by an unknown tester (2.5k upvotes) (Original post)

2. HappyHand’s (publisher) statement about piracy (2.3k upvotes)

3. Bethesda implements DRM on a 26 year old game DOOM (1.8k upvotes)

4. Known repacker group Corepack disbands permanently (1.6k upvotes)

5. Wikipedia user has edited out most citations about games with Denuvo being cracked and locked the article. Now page makes it look like Denuvo actually works.

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2019 Humor post of the year

We had a lot of humor posts this year, and we mean a lot. We came to the point where they took over the majority of top upvoted posts of all time. Because of this, we picked not 5, but 10 most upvoted humor posts from 2019. Here they are

1. Everybody wants their own launcher (5.3k upvotes) by u/danriel

2. Hmmm ok (5.3k upvotes) by u/NecFenLegacy

3. CODEX VS RDR 2 (4.7k upvotes) by u/evilmehdi

4. And R* has done nothing about it… (4.6k upvotes) by u/UhhhAaron

5. R* Outsmarting Us All (4.4k upvotes) by u/billybell89

6. All of crack watch right now (3.9k upvotes) by u/Piotarock

7. Get over here! (3.7k upvotes) by u/Reniva

8. LMAO. F— EA and their full price gambling simulators (3.6k upvotes) by u/RM97800

9. Insert fitgirl clickbait (3.5k upvotes) by u/LOUAIZEMA

10. So true (3.5k upvotes) by u/joshop15

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2019 Cracker of the year award

1. CPY


3. DeltaT


5. osb79

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Have fun with voting, and Happy New Year from the CrackWatch Team!

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