Tokyo Xanadu eX+

In this action-RPG, Japanese high-school students battle evil forces and unravel dark mysteries.  In Tokyo Xanadu eX+\’s alternate history, a
massive earthquake rocked Tokyo, leaving the city destroyed.  Ten years later, after the city has been rebuilt, a new and more horrible disaster
has been discovered: Xanadu.  A hidden \”shadow world\” superimposed over Tokyo, Xanadu is filled with horrific monsters and valuable loot.  To save the city and protect the citizens from Xanadu\’s legions, you\’ll have to descend underground and do battle!  As you explore Tokyo Xanadu eX+, you\’ll gain power, fight monsters, meet a cast of eccentric characters, gear up with exotic weapons and armor, and discover the true nature of Xanadu.  The eX+ version features additional content including enhanced graphics, a new character, and an additional story that takes place after the events of the game.


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