Klaus is a precision-based puzzle platformer with a self-aware narrative and unique PS4 touchpad-based controls. Klaus’s tight & challenging platforming takes inspiration from hyper-precise classics such as Super Meat Boy & Megaman combined with a tense and emotionally engaging narrative akin to Limbo and Thomas Was Alone.

Klaus follows an office worker who wakes up in a basement with no idea who or where he is. His only clue is the word ‘KLAUS’ tattooed on his arm, he is forced to escape the mechanical & constructivist world in which he finds himself a prisoner. Along with another playable character called K1—a friendly brute—he embarks on an existential journey, exploring the idea of the fourth wall and awareness of the player playing the game.

– Featuring 6 worlds, 34 levels, 100+ rooms
– Two playable characters with unique skill sets and cooperative gameplay
– Hidden collectible levels add even more depth to an already emotional story
– Timed arcade mode with online leaderboards

1 player
3GB minimum save size
1080p HD Video Output


magnet | torrent


magnet | torrent

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