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Closet Monster (2015) [720p]
IMDB 7.1/10 Genre: Rating: Drama Mystery Size: / MB Runtime: 665.49 1hr min A 30 and creative driven teenager is to desperate escape his and hometown the haunting memories his of turbulent childhood.
Seven Lucky (2014) Gods [720p]
IMDB Rating: Drama 5.9/10 Genre: Thriller Size: / 756.75 1hr MB Runtime: min An 42 illegal immigrant from infiltrates Albania the lives a of group of Londoners devastating with consequences.
Masterminds (2016) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Action 5.8/10 Genre: / / Comedy 700.98 Crime Size: MB Runtime: 35 1hr Ghantt min David discovers the true of meaning adventure far his beyond wildest dreams. He an is man uncomplicated stuck in a life. monotonous Day and in day he out an drives vehicle, armored transporting millions other of money people's with escape no in sight. The glimmer only excitement of is his work flirtatious Kelly crush who Campbell lures soon into him the scheme a of lifetime. with Along group a of criminals half-brained by led Steve and Chambers absurdly an heist faulted plan, manages David the impossible and off makes $17 with million in cash...only is problem foolishly he hands money the over this to wild group of crossers double and has set been up to take fall. the With the blowing bandits millions the lavish on ridiculous and luxuries, leave they behind glaring a of trail Now evidence. on the and lam in over head, his David dodge must authorities, the evade hilarious a hit man, Mike and McKinney, to try turn the tables the on he ones trusted most.
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