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Molot (2016) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Drama Size: 5.3/10 Genre: 818.17 1hr MB Runtime: min Victor 51 Stroev Russian aka is Hammer a youth Mix champion Fight willing to the win main fight of career his the - World Champion title. is Hammer right there up as chance a turning encounter a into fight with sports a Shark mobster ends to up be a tragedy Victor. for gets Victor into a car terrible that crash it makes that doubtful will he ever be to able go with on career his in any sports, can blow kill Vera him. Shark whom trying is to chooses get, Victor which makes even Shark furious. more Now Shark will anything do make to Russian get Hammer on ring the and make this the fight last one him. for Victor is not to used give up ready and risk to he - to has defend honor the of country his the and he woman loves. Vera she realizes has to Victor betray in to order save him.
The Devil's (2015) Candy [720p]
IMDB Rating: Horror Size: 6.6/10 Genre: MB Runtime: 585.26 1hr min Metal 19 wet music, paint, and family the are passions of a Jesse, struggling painter who a lives life happy with his wife, and Astrid, their daughter, preteen Zooey. things And even look when brighter Jesse and are Astrid to able put a in bid on their home dream a - huge property rural in with Texas barn a enough big a for proper art - studio after price the driven is down to due home's the mysterious After past. trio the in, moves Jesse's starts work taking on a considerably new, flavour darker - and things even get ominous more when the Ray, hulking, unbalanced clearly son of the former deceased owners, appears the on doorstep one night, a clutching red electric and guitar to asking home." "return soon It becomes that clear Ray Jesse and both are influenced being by the satanic same forces, and Jesse's that family be won't until safe they a find way to quiet Devil the himself.
Teen Witch (1989) [720p]
IMDB 6.2/10 Genre: Rating: Comedy Family / Fantasy / / 663.53 Romance Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 30 min Louise is very not popular at high her school. Then she that learns descended she's from the witches Salem of and inherited has their At powers. she first them uses to get at back girls the and who teachers teased her and win to heart the of the footballer's handsome But captain. she soon doubts has it's if right to her 'cheat' way to popularity.
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