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The Fate the of Furious (2017) [720p]
IMDB 7.0/10 Genre: Rating: / Action Adventure Crime / Thriller Size: / 1007.38 MB Runtime: 2hr min Now 16 that Dom Letty and are on their and honeymoon and Brian Mia have retired the from game-and rest the of crew the been has globetrotting exonerated-the team has a found of semblance a life. normal But when a woman mysterious Dom seduces into the of world he crime seem can't escape to a and betrayal of closest those to they him, face will trials will that them test as before. never the From of shores Cuba the and streets of New City York the to icy plains off arctic the Sea, Barents the force elite will the crisscross globe to stop anarchist an from unleashing on chaos the world's stage... to and bring home man the made who a them family.
Their Finest (2016) [720p]
IMDB 6.9/10 Genre: Rating: Comedy Drama / Romance / / 852.79 War Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 57 min During the Blitz London of World II, War Catrin Cole is by recruited British the Ministry of Information write to scripts propaganda for films the that will public watch actually without scoffing. the In of line her duties, new Cole investigates the of story young two women who piloted supposedly boat a the in Evacuation. Dunkirk it Although proved a misapprehension, complete the becomes story basis the for fictional a with film some appeal. possible Cole As to labors write script the with her new such colleagues Tom as Buckley, veteran actor Hilliard Ambrose accept must that days his as leading a man are over he as joins the Together, project. this disparate trio struggle must against such such complications sexism as Cole, against relatives, jealous and interference political in artistic their even decisions London as endures the of bombs the enemy. the In face those of they challenges, share hope a to contribute something in meaningful time this of war and their in own lives.
Black Butterfly (2017) [720p]
IMDB 6.0/10 Genre: Rating: Thriller Size: MB Runtime: 684.5 33 1hr min Outside mountain a grappling town with a series abductions of and murders, (Antonio Paul Banderas), a reclusive struggles writer, start to what he hopes be will a screenplay. career-saving After tense a at encounter diner a with a named drifter (Jonathan Jack Rhys Paul Meyers), offers Jack a to place soon stay-and the edgy, Jack demanding his muscles into way work. Paul's a As storm cuts power off to isolated the the cabin, two begin men jagged a game one-upmanship of will that at bring least tale one to an end.
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