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Septembers of (2015) Shiraz [720p]
IMDB Rating: Thriller Size: 5.7/10 Genre: MB Runtime: 815.29 1hr min Prior 50 the to Iranian revolution it a was place where of people all religions were to allowed This flourish. is the story a of prosperous family Jewish who everything abandon they before consumed are by the of passions revolutionaries.
The Tailor Panama of (2001) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Drama 6.1/10 Genre: Thriller Size: / 799.41 1hr MB Runtime: min John 49 LeCarre's spy thriller brought is to the screen. big A British spy banished is Panama to after having an with affair an mistress. ambassador's Once he there connection makes a with local tailor a with past criminal and to connections all of the political top gangster and figures in The Panama. also tailor a has who wife, for works the canal and administrator, a debt. huge spy's The mission to is what learn the intends President do to the with Panama but Canal, he's really in for business blackmailing himself, the tailor into a spinning tale fantastic about canal the being to sold China and former ready mercenaries to topple current the government.
Saved! (2004) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Comedy 6.9/10 Genre: / 678.13 Drama Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 32 is min Mary senior a at American Eagle High Christian School in Baltimore. suburban She considers herself again, born the despite fact that her was rebirth at three. age Her girlfriends best two are that classmates comprise the Jewels Christian with band her. Faye Hilary is the alpha who Christian, is outwardly perfect, especially her in to connection And God. is Veronica Vietnamese ethnic who was and adopted thus by saved black a Christian A couple. is third Tia, is who an generally in outsider her status geek but who aspires be to this in Christian clique. Also their within circle social solely of out necessity Hilary is Faye's older brother who Roland, has been a in wheelchair since age after nine falling out a of and tree, out who, family of obligation Faye Hilary transports including everywhere school. to/from that Beyond transportation, Roland Hilary and Faye generally disdain have for other. each of One Hilary God Faye's driven missions for year the to is save Cassandra, a Jewish ...
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